Krik… Krak! Storytelling in Haitian Creole

Krik…. Krak!

The above call and response is deeply rooted in Haitian culture, and it’s a sign that a story or riddle is about to be told.

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Janjak ak Freda manje kenep yo nan Mache an Fè. Courtesy of Light Messages Publishing.
Janjak ak Freda manje kenep nan Mache an Fè.
Courtesy of Light Messages Publishing.

Stories play an important role in how we perceive the world, and coming from the United States we might take for granted how many stories are written for us, in our native language, and with our education in mind.

While a strong oral tradition continues in Haiti, a tradition that represents an irreplaceable source of knowledge and a highly necessary mechanism for preserving culture, as Haiti continues to push for higher literacy rates there is no doubt that books written for Haitian children in their native Kreyòl are in short supply.

With that, we are excited to announce that next week we will be posting our interview with Children’s Author: Elizabeth Turnbull.

Elizabeth is the author of the Janjak & Freda series, a bilingual story written in both Haitian Creole and English. She is also the author of other children’s books like Bonnwit Kabrit.

Please join us next week to see what Elizabeth has to say about Janjak & Freda, her inspiration behind the story and why writing a Creole-English bilingual book was so important to her.

by Erin Nguyen on October 9, 2014

2 thoughts on “Krik… Krak! Storytelling in Haitian Creole

  1. Do we log in somewhere to hear her, or will it be a print interview? I’d love to know where to buy some Kreyole English books for kids. I will be there for Christmas this year and it would be fun to do a few ‘workshops’ with them.

    1. Bonjou Judy! Thank you for your interest in this topic, we are very excited to host Elizabeth Turnbull this coming Thursday! The interview will appear in print on the HaitiHub blog on October 16. We’ll also be sure to include the following information at the end of the interview: Individual copies of her books are available on Amazon and bulk orders can be placed through her publisher: Lightmessages Publishing, you can contact them directly at We hope you have a meaningful and impactful holiday in Haiti this year!

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