HaitiHub’s Top 3 “Blogs-to-Follow”

Bonjou tout moun!

We’re going to offer you something a bit different today.  Sitting here brainstorming content for this week’s post, I kept reflecting on how many fantastic articles I’ve read over the past month via some of our favorite bloggers, news-bringers, and social media profiles, and it occurred to me that maybe now would be a good time to point you towards some other voices and experiences from Haiti.

Without further ado, here are the top 3 sites we think you should follow:

  1. Woy Magazine – If you’re going to be involved in Haiti, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of making Haitian voices an integral part of your growth and development.  Woy does an amazing job of curating and publishing articles written by and for Haitian people, but keeps them open to the public at large.  Every article is available in both Kreyòl and English.  Their slogan, “Ayiti nan Vwa pa Nou”, or Haiti in our voices, should tip you off right away that this resource is a great chance to sit down and learn more about a culture you’ve fallen in love with from the perspective of someone inside that culture.
    Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.51.36 AM
    Where to start?  Check out these Top Stories.
    Health & Nutrition:
    Why young doctors leave Haiti
    Whispers, I am Haitian and I suffer from Depression
    Politics & Economy
    Electoral Carnival in Haiti
    Whispers: I get paid to burn tires and protest in Haiti
    Arts & Culture
    Woy’s Top 10 Carnival Songs for 2015
    Fanm Fò Fridays: Princess Eud
    Opinions & Stories

    Finding my place in Haiti’s development as a “Dyaspora”
    Why Sonia and others are fleeing the Dominican Republic Stories from the Border 
  2. The Livesay Blog – Tara is one of our team’s favorite writers (We all come from “literary” backgrounds, we still rate her as one of the greats.) She’s this unique cocktail of funny, open, honest, at times acerbic… and humble. Her “call-it-like-you-see-it” mentality is a much needed wake up call for so many involved in Haiti, but it all comes from a rooted sense of love and justice for the people dear to her, and an incredible amount of transparency regarding her own mistakes.The Livesay family has been living and working in Haiti for almost a decade, and through the ups and downs Tara has faithfully chronicled their time there, for all of our benefit.  10 years worth of hard lessons, big feels, and a host of unique and wonderful victories that she’s willing to share with us.  Please take her up on this offer, you’ll come out of it just a little bit smarter about the work you do in Haiti, and you’ll be able to count your ab workout for the day done.  Laugh hard, and learn a little!From their About Us Page:
    “We mainly write about: Maternal Health, Poverty, Haiti, Justice Issues, Adoption, and Parenting this crew of fabulous freaks.”

  3. The Haiti Bradt Travel Guide’s Facebook Page – This Facebook page is updated and maintained by the bestselling guidebook author, Paul Clammer.
    Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.52.53 AM
    “There’s stuff to be found everywhere if you look for it, whether that’s keeping an eye on the news, or finding old images. I’m a big fan of archives like the Digital Library of the Caribbean. So for example, there was a story about the Ministry of Tourism announcing the finalists of the Miss Haiti competition, and I found photos of the same contest from a Port-au-Prince newspaper back in the early 1960s, and used those to put a different slant on the story.”

What about you?  Who do you follow?

Written by Erin Nguyen on September 3, 2015

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