Let’s Celebrate the Holidays Together

To our American readers: Happy Thanksgiving! To our friends across the globe – we are grateful for you.

We hope that you will all take this week to celebrate friends and family near and far.

Pou nou menm, nou gen chak moun ki te touche kè nou rekonesans.
We are grateful to each and every person who has touched our lives.

For us, like for many of you, these life-impacting people come from all around the world, and many of them are in Haiti. We believe it is a unique blessing to have friends in countries world wide, and we want to keep them and their communities in mind as the holidays approach.

As you’re preparing to shop for gifts this holiday season, please consider Papillon Enterprises. Their jewelry, ornaments, and art are absolutely beautiful and your purchase of any one of these items helps maintain the employment of their uniquely gifted creator.

Employment means keeping families together, it means empowerment for men and women, it means fewer orphans in orphanages, and a higher quality of life for an entire family.

To me, that seems like a gift worth giving.

Pase yon bon sezon fèt.

Written by Erin Nguyen on November 25, 2015



Some featured items from Papillon Enterprise for the holidays:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can explore more from Papillon Enterprise here:

Learn more about their mission and artists by clicking below.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.01.31 AM.png

All photos courtesy of Papillon Enterprises. 

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