Where to Stay in Port au Prince

This time last year the HaitiHub team did a Guest House tour of Port au Prince, Haiti.  Our goal was to meet up with old friends from the country, while also meeting new people and seeing what accommodations the city had to offer (outside of the up and coming hotel industry.)

There were different things we loved about each place we stayed, and we’re happy to share just a few of those things below!  If you or your group is looking for a place to stay in Port au Prince, we highly recommend the locations below.

Have another guesthouse or hotel you’ve stayed at and loved?  Please add to our list by posting in the comments below!

Heartline Guest House

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This family run home is very welcoming and it definitely had the homiest feel out of all the places we stayed!  We loved hanging out and chatting with other visitors on the upstairs balcony in the evenings and interacting with John and his family throughout the day.  Breakfast and dinner were family affairs, with everyone in the guesthouse sitting down to eat and talk over the day together.


Matthew 25 Guest House

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Photos via Brian Zurita at panoramio.com

Matthew 25 had the most open atmosphere of any of the homes, and the fewest barriers to the outside world (while still providing safe and comfortable accomodation!) Dinner was, once again, one of our favorite parts of our stay.  Everyone sat down together to recollect on the day and share in the conversation. Fayme, one of the house managers, led everyone in a Creole song to bless each meal. The food was delicious and definitely stuck more closely to traditional Haitian cuisine. This was a wonderful experience!





Trinity Lodge

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We stayed at Trinity on our last night in Haiti and felt absolutely spoiled by the place. The house is run by Daniel and his wife Ketia who both take pride in the Hotel like atmosphere at Trinity (Including air conditioned rooms, hot showers and wifi). Daniel’s mission for Trinity Lodge is to prove that by doing things the “right way” Haitian owned and operated businesses can get ahead. The refreshing breeze on the upstairs patio makes it a great meeting space, while the down stairs cafe/restaurant like dining arrangement is also a fine option for sitting down and catching up with whomever you might be entertaining while in Haiti.


Don’t forget to share where you’ve stayed below!

Vwayaje an byen zanmi m!


Written by Erin Nguyen on January 7, 2016



12 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Port au Prince

  1. Hi Erin, Thanks for this info. Could you give a quick price comparison? I have stayed at Matthew 25 exclusively, but would like to branch out. Lori

  2. My favorite place to stay is Villa Mamika in Croix-des-Bouquets. Breakfast and dinner are included in your stay and the food is authentic. The owners of the Villa are extremely accommodating. Extremely secure!! I’ve stayed at the Villa over 12 times in the past 4 years. Always a great place to stay. Wouldn’t stay anywhere else.

    1. Bon bagay, Paula! Thanks for sharing your recommendation! Villa Mamika is a new one to me. How did you hear about it yourself? I always love when food is included in the price of lodging. Mwen renmen manje!! Haha.

    1. Great suggestion! We’ve actually visited Haiti Communitere but never stayed in the rooms. Have you ever stayed in one of the eco-huts? Those looked fascinating!

  3. Healing Hands Guesthouse at 9 Dalencourt is a wonderful place to stay. The rooms are spacious and clean. The staff are friendly and the food is good. They supply a workspace with Wifi so you can keep in touch with home and do work if needed. You get to meet people from all over the world and can sit in their comfy lounge area all day long

    1. Mesi anpil, Karen! We will definitely have to check out the Healing Hands Guesthouse on our next work trip. You make it sound very hospitable, indeed! Do you have a best contact phone number? I know that the numbers listed online for things are often out-dated.

      1. Telephone is (509)2813-0433 and (509)2813-0434. Price is $60.00USD a night which includes breakfast and dinner. They will supply a driver at cost and arrange airport pick up and delivery.

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