Learn Haitian Creole!

At HaitiHub our mission is to change the way humanitarian aid work is done in Haiti.  We believe a key component in the movement for change is through language; without language there can be no real communication, and without communication there can be no meaningful progress.  If you’re ready to be a part of the change, check out our online language learning course here.

Still not convinced?

Here are the top 5 reasons why learning Haitian Creole is important for the work you do in Haiti:

1.  You avoid the “Translator’s Triangle” (more on that in another post sometime) and create a direct line of communication between yourself and the other person in the conversation.

2.  You save time and money: No more waiting for your translator (who’s probably already stretched thin trying to fulfill the needs of the group) to get started on a task.

3.  Downtime becomes meaningful: instead of stewing over what work there is left to be done, make this time count: reach out, connect, talk with someone!

4.  Language in Haiti has for centuries been a social stratifier that separated the elite from the oppressed.  Making the effort to learn Creole speaks volumes to your community partners.

5.  Language helps create real, meaningful relationships.  You have the chance to learn from the community you’re working with and foster friendships that wouldn’t have been possible before.



Ready to join us?

Our integrated system is the reason why HaitiHub is the best choice for learning Haitian Creole.

HaitiHub is different from anything else you might have tried, our module lessons (try one for free!) integrate vocab, listening and writing practice into a structured curriculum to build your language skills.  You have access to word pronunciation by native speakers, opportunities to speak with live language tutors and instant feedback with our module quizzes.  Best of all, no more wrote memorization, we’ll teach you how to really communicate.

In addition to our 16 Module system, HaitiHub also hosts a variety of free resources, everything from packing lists to a brief overview of history and culture.  Check it out!  No strings attached.

We’re here to help you speak Creole, connect, and do more.

Byenveni nan HaitiHub!




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